Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Journey Fast Day 21

Let us Be Gentle, Kind, and Loving

Today is the last day of my Journey Fast.

I give deepest gratitude to all of the support that I have received. Our PeaceWeaver community here at Thunder Mountain, in the Finger Lakes of Western New York, has made mighty efforts themselves above and beyond their day to day life and work. Together we have stepped through old limitations and have done the impossible on so many levels. I am eternally grateful to their kindness, consideration, and strength. And what great joy it has been!

Also deepest gratitude to the existing web of PeaceWeavers that have kept in touch often through phone calls and emails. Thank you for reaching out and giving such tender loving support.

Gratitude, as well, to the hundreds and hundreds of Weavers of Peace from around the world that have been following the journey on this blog. People from across the US, France, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, Ecuador, South Africa, England, Kenya, and Russia, your interest has fed and inspired me. Thank you and please keep Weaving Peace in your homes, communities, and countries. Please stay in touch! We are a Worldwide Movement of Peace and Love, so keep moving!

Over these last three weeks through my sharings, I've often expressed that I am in even greater awe and amazement of the Universe. There truly is a Fundamental Harmony that weaves us together as One. Each of us is an essential thread of Love in this Planetary Family Fabric.

May we consciously awaken to the Universal Law that how we take care of our own Body/Mind Temple is how we will turn and take care of all beings. May we open to greater health, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It will strengthen our resolve, dedication, and determination that by creating Peace in our own Body/Mind, together we can create Peace in our World!

I literally am stronger now in every way than before the fast. I am now clearer and more certain that we can move mountains! I chose to step beyond my limitations with the intent that, even in a small way, we all might do the same.

My own personal task now is to break-fast in a sane and balanced way. Then day by day live in greater sensitivity and honor to my own Well-Being and the Well-Being of all others. We can all unlearn our bad habits and learn what foods and liquids fortify our lives. The trick is to stay in tune with our Body Wisdom. Now the real journey begins!

And finally what has kept me going these 21 days have been the Children of the Planet. They are not just our hope, but rather our most precious gifts. They are the innocent ones who are open and trusting and deserve the very best we can give them. May we all step beyond any self absorption, and think, speak, and act on their behalf. They are the diamonds of the Universe, each full of Love and Light. As we tell our kids daily, here at Thunder Mountain, let us be Gentle, Kind, and Loving to one another, and do our very Best!

In Devotion,
Greg Lynn
May the Whole Earth Be Well and Happy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Journey Fast Day 20

Remembering the Ancient Ones

Today is the 20th day of my water fast. Deeper and deeper awe and gratitude springs up from the fountain of my Soul. Gratitude for the Earth, the Sky, the Water, the Air. Gratitude for the Sun, the Moon, Thunder and Lightning. But the deepest energy springs up for our Ancestors and our Elders. Without their journeys through impossibilities, we would be lost with very little direction. The courage they passed on through their struggles inspires us. The knowledge they passed on from their experiences teaches us. And their legacy is that not only will life continue on, but that we can make it better for the next generation. No matter how their lives looked, they gave us life and the chance to create a more decent and just world. May it be so in our lifetime!

As a community the PeaceWeavers have had and continue to have humble, kind, shining lights as Elders: Bhante Dharmawara, Buddhist monk; Grandpa Harry Blue Thunder, Lakota Chief and traditional Elder; Ingwe from Kenya, guide to many, many youth; Harriet Two Strike, Lakota mother and grandmother to us all, and many others.

Globally,  Elders of Peace for the last several decades have continued to lead the way. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, and Thich Nhat Hanh are Shining Beacons of Love and Light who have shown us the nobility of being Human.

And of course, M. K. Gandhi was a Lighthouse of Love and Strength for millions upon millions around the world. Through Gandhi's fasting and courage he inspired a whole nation to break the impossible chains of the British Empire and free itself from tyranny into freedom. His journey and complete devotion to Beings continues to light our way here at Thunder Mountain and the world.

We are amazed now that one of our PeaceWeaver Elders is Gandhi's grandson, Arun Gandhi. Our Grandfather Elder Bhante Dharmawara was good friends with Gandhi. And now over fifty years later we are working together with Arun for Peace. Arun carries on Gandhi's work all around the world. He is an authentic heir to his Grandfather's spirit and teachings. We are blessed with his dedication, presence, and vision! Humble Thanks...

There is a song that we sing that goes "We are family on a journey, shining in the sun, remembering the Ancient Ones, the Elders, and their wisdom." May we honor those that have come before us, by adding our Light to theirs, day by day in every way until the darkness of violence and fear are no more.

In Devotion,
Greg Lynn
May All Elders Be Well and Happy!

Journey Fast Day 19

World Peace for All Beings

Today is the 19th day of my Journey Fast. Each day I pass through patches of weakness, but by hydrating with water the weakness passes fairly quickly and greater clarity and energy arises.

At this moment of the fast I am more open and empathetic to all sentient beings. Feeling their preciousness and true worth, I feel more completely their pain and suffering. Today I am focused on the billions of animals that are killed each year by the world wide meat industry. Reports are as high as 53 billion animals slaughtered. That would be equivalent to destroying the 7 billion human beings more than 7 times over! The United States is far and away the leader with over 32 billion animals killed every year. These include cows and calves, chickens and chicks, pigs, sheep and lambs, turkeys, ducks and geese. These numbers do not include fish - billions more. Also not included are wild game, cats, dogs, goats, and horses worldwide.

It is bad enough that these defenseless beings are killed but they are kept in horrific conditions, abused and violated. Chickens are packed into cages, ten to twenty thousand in a building and beaks clipped. Live male chicks are tossed in dumpsters, because they have no worth to the business. Pigs crammed into pens. Cows crammed into feed lots. Calves chained or kept inside so their meat becomes soft and white for veal. There are so many more inhumane practices.

All are pumped up with antibiotics and hormones. When animals fall down sick in the yard they are abandoned, and the bigger ones moved with forklifts while still alive. And there are so very many other horrors that are perpetrated on these innocent beings.

These sentient, feeling beings are passive and kind. They harm no one. They do not kill one another nor other species. They truly are "innocents". And yet they do not have voices to speak up for themselves. Only their cries that come just before their slaughter are heard. How can we allow and contribute to the deaths of so many harmless ones? How can we take in this meat and not see how it negatively affects not only our bodies, but our very souls? How can we keep turning away, ignoring these horrific practices? People will do anything to protect their pets, their friends, and yet go off and eat the dead carcasses of these friendly beings. Why?

Gandhi stated "You can tell the spirit of a nation by how they treat their animals". And perhaps we can extend that to the whole world. The spirit of violence is so deeply ingrained through the cultures. Perhaps, however, if we stop killing animals we might just stop killing each other.

The plight of these noble beings pierces my Heart and Soul and I send prayers of peace to all of them, with the intention of ceasing this senselessness.

When we speak of World Peace we must consider all feeling beings. They, too, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, so that their pain and suffering ends.

In Devotion,
Greg Lynn
May Animals Be Well and Happy!!
Some folks have expressed concern whether I've been all right or not due to not hearing from me. I am not only ok, my Body/Mind/Spirit feels more inspired and stronger than ever! Thank you for your concern.

My apologies for not being timely on these last few blog entries. Over the weekend our work accelerated due to our Cleanse Retreat and tending to the farm. The journey entries continue with Day 19.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Journey Fast Day 14

The Children are Leading the Way

Saturday was the 13th day of my journey, and I was led to places of vision and beauty. It was a very big day in which Stefanie and I, along with Al and Willow, went from Skye & Aidan's Little League game in the morning to Clara & Kylee's dance recital in the afternoon, to Gabe Shapiro's Coming of Age Ceremony in the evening. On the road for over ten hours. But what a blessed ride it was! Each event opened the flood gates of all that's good and well in our world now, and gave me a clearer vision of not just hope for the future, but assurance that the "best is yet to come"!

The Little League experience started the night before when Skye and Aidan's team lost a game. Everyone struggled and was off their game, and Skye for the first time ever struck out three times. He was crushed and felt that he was the reason they lost. He is one of the youngest on the team and plays part time in the field, but his Heart and Spirit is totally for his team. So he took on the responsibility for losing, and broke down sobbing. Fortunately he worked with us to come to understand about winning's not everything; sometimes we have off nights; and that he can let go of any and all disappointment and judgment about himself. Just shake it off.

The next day he and Aidan and the team came alive again and won, in fact they won the League Championship. Skye was fully present, without any carry over from the night before. And he worked the pitcher for a walk as the runner on 3rd stole home to win the game. Jubilation for everyone.

Now, it was not the winning that was inspirational, it was Skye rising up as a Phoenix and giving his best, Aidan also. If they can do that at ten, we can do that at our age. And if they're practicing letting go now, they will get better and better day by day!

Clara and Kylee's dance recital was a long procession of many dances from the small ones to the adults. And without much prejudice, they were two of the brightest lights on the stage. Relaxed, smiling, moving, expressing their natural gifts and spirits! If they can do that at the ages of twelve and eight in front of hundreds of people, we can always shine in front of our family and friends. And if they're practicing that grace and natural beauty now, they will get better and better day by day.

Then Stefanie and I had the great honor of attending Gabe Shapiro's Coming of Age Ceremony. The PeaceWeavers have known Gabe since he was ten years old, and now at the age of fifteen he very consciously chose a series of events to mark this pivotal moment in his life.

On Gabe's first visit to Thunder Mountain, he came into sweat lodge for all four rounds. And he's been coming back to do lodge on a regular basis ever since. Then, as one of his ceremonies, he chose for his transition time, he did Vision Quest here in May. He was "out on the hill' for 24 hours. He did his very best and he did great!

Gabe is an amazing young man, with equally amazing sister and parents. Elan and Rachael are two of the world's brightest lights and they've been shining the way for both of their children.

The evening was truly profound. A mix of Bar Mitzvah and Earth Base Ceremony. Gabe was leading the way. And actually many honored him as a leader among his friends and community. Family and friends shined with their gratitudes and the room was a vessel of Love and Beauty.

Gabe has not always had an easy journey, but he and his family have walked through any and all obstacles. He's a brilliant spirit, with a kind and generous heart. And he is a true, dedicated Weaver of Peace.

If Gabe, at fifteen, can step beyond anything that has held him back, then we too can step beyond the things that have held us back. And if Gabe is practicing that now, he will get better and better, day by day.

I would like to share with you Gabe's Values and Beliefs to Live By. I'm sure you'll be touched by them as much as I have been.

Gabe's Values and Beliefs to Live By

Be honest, no matter how difficult it may be, and no matter how much discomfort or consequences it may bring to you.

Be fair to all people and living things.

Respect all living things in order to be more respected, avoid creating enemies, help others feel valued, and set an example for others.

Be thoughtful of what you say. Your words can be a force for good or for creating harm.

Be confident in yourself, and show your confidence in others.

Be loyal to the people you love.

Know your goals and make them come true. Be aware of what's motivating you.

Be strong in your loving; don't let fear guide you.

Be awake to life in the present moment. Appreciate the process as much as the goal. Enjoy the little things. Be aware of what you're thinking and feeling.
Live your life in harmony with all of these values and beliefs.

I encourage all of us to consider and write down our values and beliefs, like Gabe has done. It'll bring focus and greater purpose to our lives.

I encourage all of us to let go of disappointments, judgments, and anger like Skye has done, it'll give us new life and new energy.

And I encourage all of us to follow Clara and Kylee and naturally let our gifts shine out to the world and turn pain into joy.

So let us be encouraged about the future, and also let us be in the present, and be led by the pure innocence and preciousness of our children.

In Deep Devotion,
Greg Lynn

May All Children Be Well and Happy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Journey Fast Day 13

The Path of the Fast

Like any journey, this journey fast is taking me down a road. I'm passing through different "places" and "terrains". One goes through different stages during a fast. Initially the terrain can be "rocky", while discharging any toxins. As Bhante would say "We are what we thing, we are what we eat and drink", so we meet any unwell thoughts or foods we've previously taken in and release them almost immediately. By drinking more water we flush them from our Body/Mind. Once discharged we fell better! But perhaps we come across deeper layers or levels of toxins and we're asked to go through the same healing process - flush and free ourselves of what's not well. Moving further on the journey we find we have new energy and new clarity which brings greater inspiration to travel on.

There are times we need to pull off to the side of the road and rest There are times we'll feel "flat" or down and don't want to move. But the more we give ourselves this Body/mind rest and cleanse the more "beautiful views we see" and the greater our Spiritual Vision and ardor and the destination is peace and wellness!

The Body moves into self-healing, the Mind into self realization. Of course, we must keep in mind that a fasting program on a regular basis allows one to know the terrain better. We should not jump into a long term fast or we could do harm to ourselves.

We can start by fasting one day a week for 24 or 36 hours, then onto 3 to 4 day fasts, and then onto 7 to 10. We here at Thunder Mountain offer Fasting Cleanses of 2 days and and 5 days along with many wellness practices you can take home with you and use. At these cleanses we have a "Juice Feast". We serve delicious filling veggie and fruit juices. The body's digestive system needs rest and care and support - cause it supports us.

I encourage folks to take even a "day trip" of just liquids. From dinner to dinner - 24 hours, or from dinner through the next day, into the morning of the next - 36 hours. Let's love ourselves, instead of stuff ourselves.

You'll feel better and look better. When we become stronger we can be stronger in our response to all beings on our Heavenly Body, Mother Earth!

May all Beings Be Well and Happy!

In Deep Devotion,
Greg Lynn

Friday, June 10, 2011

Journey Fast Day 12

Beyond Impossibilities

This fast has taken me to the prison camps of the Civil War, to Andersonville and Elmira where thousands starved and died of unnecessary illnesses.

This fast has taken me to the Trail of Tears of the Cherokee and the Navajo. In 1864 the Navajo, already starved and dying, surrendered to the US forces when told they would be given food and water. Thousands arrived only to be marched 350 miles over 23 days without food and water -men, women, and children. When anyone fell they were shot to death.

This fast has taken me to Auschwitz and the other death camps of World War II and beyond. Feeling just a little of the impossible horrors forced upon millions. Seeing their loved ones die and be killed right before their eyes, there are no words that could ever capture the numbness and desolation.

This fast has taken me to the other genocides of every continent. Millions and millions senselessly executed, leaving what for the executioners?

These age old senseless acts are still too present. They still seem too impossible to resolve. And yet, again, what can we do as individuals to stop this blind violence once and for all.

Some, right now, are making heroic steps. Some pour themselves daily, headlong, into the impossible regarding these situations, against overwhelming odds. They are, however, bringing light and change no matter what.

And perhaps that is exactly what we're meant to do in our own lives To increase our heroic efforts and pour ourselves, daily and headlong, into and beyond our own impossibilities. Against overwhelming forces and issues - health, relationships, work and finances. By clarifying our intentions and resolve, we can bring greater changes in our lives, our communities and the world.

No matter what has occurred, or what is happening now, we can turn it on a dime and bring in a new paradigm of active compassion, peace, and wellness. As the saying goes "Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me!".

In Deep Devotion,
Greg Lynn